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Study: Scutoid
By DMA Architecture
Scutoid is on the forefront of new age geometry, but how is it associated with architecture.

Scutoid is evidence of our ever changing society.

A change in human findings is evident as architecture, geometry, medicine, science, psychology change yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly. We are in an ever changing society of higher thinking. Geometry is a product of what is found and/or invented, and therefore creates space from those findings. The Scutoid is an example of our society being ever changing in higher thinking, as the scutoid has been recently discovered as a geometric shape that is seen as a building block on the cellular level (Gomez-Galvex et al. 2018).

Building Blocks have been and will always be evident in our society. Throughout evolution building blocks have been used to create the human race’s best and worst architecture. As we evolve in higher thinking new age geometries will influence the way science in produced upon architecture. We as a society are evolving towards a higher thinking and henceforth a higher complex building system.

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